How to Get Free Kindle Books With Your Library Card

Your book bar meets subsequent month, though you’re only too bustling to run down to Barnes and Noble to collect adult Infinite Jest. Sure, we could sequence it on Amazon, though it’s approach too complicated to projection around in your trek and your bookshelf is looking flattering crammed. That’s OK, though! With a library card, an internet connection, and an e-reader, we can download a book—for free!—without ever withdrawal your house.

First, you’ll need a library card. If we don’t already have one, revisit your internal bend to get one. Then, use your certification to entrance your library’s e-book collection. Many libraries use OverDrive, a cross-platform use with millions of e-books and audiobooks. Scroll by OverDrive’s catalog in your browser, or download a Libby app from OverDrive to corkscrew by a preference on your phone.

Found a book we want? Great! Just click “Download to Kindle” and you’ll be sent to Amazon to finish up. Just be certain your Kindle is connected to Wi-Fi so we can finish a download, and a book will automatically seem on your device.

Just like a rest of a books in a library, there are boundary on how prolonged we can keep a e-books we check out on OverDrive. These boundary change from library to library. Unlike earthy books, we don’t have to lapse any of a e-books you’ve checked out. After your time’s up, they simply disappear from your Kindle.

If we don’t have a Kindle (which, we know, we should) we can still save e-books for offline reading inside a Libby app. You can also download some ebooks in ePub format, that will bucket onto any device that supports reading digital books. There’s also an choice to review your borrowed book directly in your web browser, though really, who wants to do that?

Need a mangle from all that reading? Check out Hoopla, a height that lets library congregation download digital media for free. It works a lot like OverDrive, though also offers movies, TV shows, comics, and song in further to a preference of e-books. Borrowing equipment is free, though you’re singular to 5 titles during a time and 20 per month, that we can bucket onto your phone or tablet. Perfect for when a book club’s preference was incited into a movie.

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